Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Disturbing Laughter

What an interesting afternoon it has been here in Shannaland.  First of all I received the following facebook message from a Frenchman named Juliano:

slt, hate de faire ta connaissance, tu es ravissantes
jespere se voir un jour, tchatons prochainement

I had no idea who this man was.  I responded that I didn’t speak French (just to be clever, the besties had already translated it for me of course) and he replied with the English version:

Hi, looking forward to meeting you, you're gorgeous
i hope to see one day soon tchatons

Soooo um I guess I’m flattered?  I do wonder how these international boys find me on Facebook.  Onto the next funny of the day.  A bestie just emailed me this picture.  “Can I hold your pocket?”  If you don’t get it, you should put the first season of Prison Break on your Netflix queue. 


How scary is this?  Taken in December 2008 at my 25th birthday party.  Wow that was not my best look, but at the time I thought I was a hottie. 

I’ve been laughing so hard that I’m disturbing those around me at Starbucks.  I can’t help it.  My friends had me cracking up day.  It was glorious. 

Now to movie or not to movie?  Anyone else get random Facebook messages?

Also, several people have found my blog by googling Groff, which means I need to layoff the posts starring him.  HAHA. 

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leckstein said...

what are spontaneous friends for if not to save you from being alone, after telling you how proud they were that you were going to go alone??!!?! everything happens for a reason! You know I believe it more than anything else in life. Even though we didn't have 2.5 hrs of one of the hottest guys alive, dinner and drinks definitely hit the spot. xo