Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Little Humor…Goes A Long Way

I’ve discussed my love of John Mayer’s music on the blog countless times.  He’s had some issues with over sharing in recent months, and although I strongly disagree with using the n-word EVER, I think his honesty is what makes me love him so.  I discovered his tumblr blog and it’s just as awesome and you think it would be.  Honest, hilarious, creative, smart, and several more adjectives.  Here’s a little funny from Mr. Mayer:

I look a little heavier these days it’s because I’m bulking up for a role. I’m playing a musician on tour who eats everything in sight while hardly exercising.

For your viewing pleasure…my favorite John Mayer song.  Gets me every single time.

Oh, I almost forgot…anyone have any good contacts in social media?  Pretty please? Help a blogger/sister/friend out!

Update:  I just watched that video at least five times…and had myself a good cry.  Sometimes a good cry is the best cure.  Also, I’m currently watching The City and I’d love to be picked up for a date on a Vespa or Motorcycle.  Just sayin.  Actually, I’m just sayin ladies if you know a cute boy for me please don’t be shy.  I should update my list of boyfriend qualities…perhaps that would make for an entertaining Hump Day post, no?

A word on First Loves.  You know how they (I don’t know exactly who “they” are in this case) say you never forget your first love?  Well, I’ve decided that I’m not supposed to.  That first big heart break if the best emotional inventory I believe.  Personally, I learned what I needed and what was non-negotiable for me. 

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