Wednesday, May 19, 2010

An Ode To Glee

1.  Hellooooooo Mr. Shuster. 


2.  I know I mentioned this earlier today, but I really really love and admire the friendship between Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff.  Little did I know there are tumblr blogs devoted to the two of them.  I won’t fill your Google readers with more pictures of the two of them.  I’ll just direct you to a couple of my favorites.  Check out this one and this one.

3.  Does anyone else want to randomly break into song while walking down the street?  No?  Me either.

Switching gears, I just had my “dinner” at 5pm.  Early bird special I suppose.  An Amy’s Organic Southwestern burrito.  A delicious and convenient treat that I discovered in my freezer.  I’ll probably have a small salad during normal dinner time. 


Hope everyone had a lovely Wednesday!

Oh one last thing.  I want to bring back Ask A Dude so please email me/leave a comment if you’re interested in being the Dude.  Thanks!


PeaceRegime said...

I'm down to be the dude. I'm such a dude. Let me have the honor of being the dude.

Shanna said...

Ok PeaceRegime, you're officially The Dude. Email me for further instructions. Welcome to the blog fam!