Monday, May 10, 2010


What a weekend!  I am currently sore from head to toe and have  the voice of an eighty year-old smoker.  I’m not sure if it’s due to allergies or a real cold, I’m drinking hot beverages and hoping that extra rest will help.  Other than the scratchy voice, I had a fabulous weekend.  My family is hilarious and an absolute blast to be with so I always feel refreshed, if not exhausted, when I return to NYC. 

Yesterday we had a barbeque for my Grandmothers, Mom, and Aunt.  Of course my phone died and I don’t have pictures of the food.  But, here is my Dad getting ready to take my teenage cousin, Shawn, to hit some tennis balls. 


Here is my Mom with my two Grandmothers.  Can you tell which one I look like?? 



We had a full spread of appetizers, with a few cheeses, toasted pitas, hummus, tzatziki dip, olives, and of course chips and guacamole.  I munched a bit and had a glass of bubbly.  Dinner was a turkey burger with salad.  I skipped desert because I had indulged in the cheese.  My Dad also had dragged me to the gym yesterday morning and I did intervals of walking/running on the treadmill and am sufficiently sore this morning. 

I hate being this sore, but I love how accomplished I feel after working out.  It’s no secret I’ve been depressed for several weeks and I finally feel as though the fog is lifting.  Working out and really quieting my ego’s thoughts will be my mini-goal this week.  I had a little pep talk from my Dad on our drive home from the gym.  I absolutely love to write.  I want to support myself doing it.  This we all know.  Making that happen has been the most challenging experience of my entire life.  Second to that, attempting to screw my new TV onto the TV stand, but I digress.  Navigating the unknown is scary.  Being miserable every single day at work is even scarier, yet making a living doing what you love seems to come with a lot of sacrifice.  According to my parents who have been extremely supportive during this process, sacrifice is just part of the deal. 

I hate to be vague so I’ll just spill it.  I gave up my Fire Island weekends because I simply can’t afford it.  I’m sure there is a collective eye roll happening right now.  I know this isn’t a life threatening situation.  I know I’ve led a very privileged life and I’m eternally grateful for all my parents have done.  All that being said, I’m twenty-six and single and Fire Island is currently my favorite place to be, especially since my favorite people in the world will be there.  All of my girls were totally understanding when I told them, which made the whole ordeal a lot easier.  Hopefully, I’ll get a chance to spend one weekend there with them.  I’m sharing all of this, not to appear like a brat, but to avoid the fake “yay” posts I was leaning towards. 

So there you have it.  I’m bummed about Fire Island and nervous I’ll be lonely this summer.  When my friends have felt this way (lonely) I’ve always said that they would appreciate the cloudy times as even brighter sunshine would be on the other side.  Today, I’m telling myself the same thing.  I can’t depend on my friends to entertain me and make me happy.  I need to do that for myself. 

Hope everyone has a productive week filled with lots of laughs.  Please feel free to send videos and jokes my way that you’d like to see on the blog.

P.S.  This is what I’m wearing today.  LOVE this necklace, a gift from my Dad while on a biz trip to the Philippines.  Imperfect pearls…just like me:)


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