Monday, June 7, 2010

New Habits Formed…

I’m making it a point to blog about something exactly when it comes to me instead of trying to remember what I wanted to say hours later.  I hope this stream of consciousness works for everyone out there.  Lately I’ve been thinking about a friendship that ended without explanation.  The business of “breaking up” with a friend is tricky, I suppose.  This one ended during the summer of 2002 and I still have no idea why.  Every once in a while I think why?  He was my best friend for over five years at that point.  I was spending the summer at Penn State and having the time of my life, yet missing this friendship all at the same time.  We spoke sporadically throughout college (via AIM which makes me feel ancient), but that was really it; random pleasantries throughout the years.  I actually haven’t seen him since that summer.  Wow, eight years.  Time really does fly whether you’re having fun or not. 

Maybe he handled it the right way, a clean break with no looking back, no apologies.  It doesn’t really matter now, all I can do is send him some love whenever he crosses my mind.  Has anyone out there been broken up with by a friend?  How did you handle it?

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