Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Heaven In A Bowl

I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend.  I spent most of mine at my parent’s house relaxing by the pool and catching up on my reading.  Lucky for me (and hopefully all of you) my family loves to eat which leads to some creative concoctions on the grill.  This weekend the highlights were a Rachel Ray inspired Chicken Shwarma and grilled Peach desert. 


I made sure to get a good workout in as well (with my Dad who is hands down the best personal trainer).  I’d also like to announce that every Wednesday will be a day devoted to my health.  I’ll post everything I eat and the workout I complete.  Each Wednesday will be a guaranteed day of Weight And See in its truest form.  I will still continue to do that on other days as well, but it’s come to my attention that some people aren’t happy with the direction I’ve taken the blog.  I hope that you’ll continue along with me on this crazy journey.  There are many stories to tell, recipes to share, boys to fall in love with, and pounds to lose.  It’s going to be a wild and hilarious ride, that much I know. 

Goodnight blog world :)


hopskipjumpoverthepond said...

I made grilled peaches last night for dinner. They were delicious! Thanks for the idea!

Jackie Cohen said...

great weekend with my 2 besties....loved the peaches :)