Thursday, July 15, 2010

Open Your Heart…


Let’s change someone’s world today.  Caitlin’s life-changing blog Operation Beautiful is teaming up with Drop A Love Bomb to support an amazing girl suffering from Anorexia.  The goal is to pick one blogger in need of love and support and drop “love bombs” in the form of blog comments with the hopes of bringing that blogger joy. 

This week’s blogger Quinn needs this more than ever.  I took  few minutes to read her recent entries and they’re gut-wrenching.  As Caitlin said, if you suffer from an Eating Disorder please read with caution.  Let’s open our hearts to Quinn and help Operation Beautiful and Drop A Love Bomb reach their goal of 500 comments today.   A few simple words of kindness can alter someone’s day even for just a moment.  We can do this!

Bloggers unite to change the world and spread the love…one person at a time.  Simply click the link above to Quinn’s blog and drop her a note filled with love.  It’s as easy as that. 

Sending lots of light and love to everyone in blogland today :)

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