Thursday, July 29, 2010

Same Limp Different Day

Hello blog world, it’s almost the weekend!  This is the first weekend in weeks that I have literally nothing planned.  I’m a little excited to have some free time, but most of my friends will also be out of the city so that creates even more of a challenge.  I’m trying to come up with some fun solo things to do around the city.  I’m thinking possibly a couple of movies and long walks through the park blasting my iPod. 

Any other ideas for solo fun?

In other news, our Dude has gotten a wonderful response.  Isn’t he hilarious, ladies?  I’ll be forwarding “Rusty” your follow up questions tonight so he should have responses in the next couple of days. 

Finally, I think I can actually see my body changing a little bit which is HUGE.  I haven’t stepped on the scale and I don’t know that I care to.  I’m just going to keep working on and attempting to not stuff my face while hoping for the best!  Tracy’s workouts are definitely kicking my ass, literally.  I limped into my morning meeting and had to slowly lower myself onto a chair.  Very professional, natch.

Happy Thursday!

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AshleyT said...

Go to the Vogue exhibit at the Met or walk the brooklyn bridge!