Friday, July 30, 2010


If only Friday evenings still included Full House and Family Matters life could be so simple.  Alas, I’m twenty-six and life has become far more complicated.  Actually, this weekend is all mine.  Lots of “me” time.  I suppose everyone needs a weekend to themselves every now and then.  I literally have no obligations.  Not one event I must attend.  Weird, right? 

So here’s what I’m thinking my weekend will consist of:

Movies, reading, running, Tracy’s tear-inducing leg series, walks in the park, blasting music in my living room while cleaning (collective gasp), a little vino, and perhaps an exotic trip to Queens to visit the grandparents.  There you have it, folks.  My glamorous NYC life :)

Currently sipping iced Green Tea and fantasizing about getting my hands on a copy of Taking Woodstock.  I need a little Jon Groff in my life methinks. 

Happy Friday!

Oh and I’m so very happy you’re all enjoying The Dude so much.  Looks like he’s a keeper, ladies!

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