Sunday, August 1, 2010

Easy Breezy…Couch Girl

This weekend’s weather was amazing and I had such a lovely, relaxing weekend here in NYC.  I had the pleasure of staring at this guy for two hours on Friday evening.  My friends have long joked that I love the “dirty” hippy boys, and this was no different. 


The Kids Are All Right was a fantastic movie!  It was such a frank look at marriage and it was absolutely hysterical.  Don’t worry, I managed to cry at least twice.  I rarely see a movie that doesn’t bring me to tears these days.  Mark Ruffalo was unbelievably rugged and sexy and both my friend Jen and I fell in love with him by the end.  I’d ride on the back of his motorcycle anytime.  Just sayin’. 

One more shot of deliciousness. 


On Saturday I wandered around Borders for a couple of hours then sat outside enjoying the gorgeous weather.  I hopped a subway to Queens to meet my Nanny (Mom’s mother) for dinner.  She has a fabulous view from her terrace. 


Today was for sleeping in and lots of movies.  It felt lovely to be without obligations.  Here is some of the food I consumed today. 

2 3

I’m currently catching up on Entourage then heading to bed.  Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! 

Oh and please keep those questions for the Dude coming! 

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