Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Can You Feel The Love…

My tribute to all things irrationally lovely continues with a small gift from me to you.  The Holidays can be stressful for some.  Sleeping in close quarters with people you haven’t lived with in years, dealing with out of town guests, etc., can be a bummer.  Butttt, there’s always a bright side. 

Let’s take a walk on the bright side, shall we. 

1.  Give you family a big huge.  Hugs make people happy and happy people don’t scream at their families. 

2.  If you have a fireplace, make a fire.  Or if you’re like me ask your Dad to make a fire.  There is nothing more relaxing than sitting by a roaring fire on a chilly November evening. 

3.  Go through old pictures and keepsakes in your childhood bedroom.  I may actually get my act together this year and make a scrap book. 

4.  Drive!  You all know I live in the best city in the world, which provides me with wonderful public transportation, but I seriously miss driving.  I plan to get into my car (I hope she starts!) and taking a nice long drive while listening to whatever CD’s I find in there.  I’m sure it will be a mix made by JH circa 2003. 

5.  Girl time.  I will inevitably end up in a store with my sister, mother, and grandmother at some point over the weekend.  Instead of having a silent tantrum like I usually do, this year I’ll be thankful that these people love me enough to harass me about what I want for my birthday.  They actually want to buy me things.  I call that a high class problem. 

6.  Kitchen time.  I’m so grateful that my Mom lets me take over her kitchen so I can experiment and cook for my family.  It’s not secret that I’m obsessed with entertaining.  Is it still entertaining if I do it at my parents? 

7.  Sister time.  I know what you guys are thinking.  You have a sister, big deal.  But, being at home with our parents brings out the inner, obnoxious children in both of us and it just doesn’t get any better.  We sit in “our seats” at the kitchen table and in the car (I sit behind my Mom, always on the right side) and these small rituals remind of how much I love these crazy people who share my DNA. 

8.  Working out.  Let’s be real, I’d rather sleep late than work out.  But, my Dad wakes me up and I always feel great after we hit the gym.  We have an after-workout ritual of getting coffee and then returning home to judge my sister and mother who are usually still in their pj’s.  Oh and it also relieves the stress of being in a crowded house for five days :)

9.  Seeing old friends.  The night before Thanksgiving is like a big high school reunion in my town.  Everyone crowds into a local bar to catch up and drink cheap drinks (everything outside of NYC is considered cheap to me now).  There are certain people I literally see this one night a year and that’s more than enough.  Others I wish I saw more often, but live several states away.  Either way, seeing people I went to high school with reminds me of how much I do not miss high school.



Maybe next year somewhere warm?  Ahem Greece!  Mom I hope you’re reading this!


What do you guys like about Thanksgiving?

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Jeanette said...

Last chance to complete #3...finally cleaning out your stuff including the bins from your college days better be quick!