Monday, November 8, 2010


The days between Halloween and Thanksgiving can be best described as in limbo.  Starbucks brings back their signature holiday drinks, Christmas lights are lit along Park Avenue and at Bloomingdales, and Fall gives way to Winter-like weather that has everyone digging out a scarf and gloves.  All of this before we even taste the turkey.  It just doesn’t seem right…or fair. 

The minute one holiday ends, we’re already bombarded with preparation for the next holiday.  Why not revel in the Fall weather?  Watch the leaves change in central park (or on your block if you’re lucky).  The more I think about it, the more I realize the reason why most people don’t live in the moment.  It’s because advertisers want us to buy holiday gifts as early as possible.  I say too bad.  The good sales don’t start until “Black Friday,” so why all the holiday commercials on November 1st?  As I’ve said before, I love the Holidays in New York City, but I don’t want to see Christmas lights the morning after Halloween when I’m dragging myself to brunch to recap the previous night’s debauchery.  It’s just too much too soon.  I’d love to see advertisements about Fall activities.  Show me where I can frolic in a pumpkin patch, or pick apples, or go on a hayride (is that just a PSU fall thing?).  I want to drink hot apple cider, not an egg nog latte`. 

What I’m trying to say is, back off Christmas/Hanukah.  I’m not ready for you yet. 


Jackie Cohen said...

I'm not ready for Christmas yet either....but I am ready for some beach time in Cabo!!!

Jeanette said...

How about Chanukah in Cali!!