Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Oh The Irony…

Yesterday I was having a moment pretty much the entire day.  The weather was sunny and fabulous, but I was Miss Cranky Pants personified.  Today, however, it’s grey and gloomy and I’m happy as a clam. 

I woke up this morning thinking about how well I used to take care of myself and how quickly that plan has gone to shit.  Surprisingly, taking some time to think about it, albeit at 7am made me inexplicably happy.  I think my fear of losing (see what I did there?) has keep me out of the race, so to speak.  I’m scared I won’t stick to what I say, so I’ve chosen to basically say nothing. 

I’d like to think its gone unnoticed, yet I can sense the feeling that something isn’t right among my readers.  This blog has become about things that inspire, confuse, agitate, and make me happy.  It’s about all of me, not just my weight.  I know that’s how the blog started and I know that people are still curious about that aspect of my life and I will definitely be writing about it more as it’s been in the forefront of my mind recently.  I’m not even sure why I felt the need to explain all of that…I guess it was preparation for all the body image crap that’s about to come your way.

I was walking home on Saturday night (after a crazy evening of babysitting) and this guy behind me starts talking very loudly on his cell phone.  I’m quoting him word for word:

“Dude I just hooked up with this girl.  She was really pretty, but uh she was kinda uh chubby.  Like if she lost like 20 pounds she’s be soooo hot.  But she had an awesome face.  Seriously she’d be hotter than her friend.”

Sunday night I was catching up with Jamie and told her the story.  Clearly it was really upsetting to hear that.  I’m not naive enough to think that guys don’t speak that way; it’s actually been said to my face, but it makes me so sad.  So very sad. 

With that I’d like to leave you with something that makes me so very happy. 

This dude killed it on Glee last week and I’ve developed quite the healthy crush on him.  Even though he’s young enough to be my…younger brother, he’s sooo adorable and talented.  Enjoy! 

Happy Happy Tuesday!

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