Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Save My Sole…

I have found the key to happiness; the secret to a long and fruitful relationship with the streets of New York City.  Gap “City Flats!”  They come in almost every color and are a mere $39!!!  These cute little foot mattresses also come with a little pouch to put the shoes in.  I’ve been traipsing around this concrete jungle in shoes that hurt with every step.  Lucky for me (and all of you) these shoes are like walking on a cloud.  Who knew shoes could make me so happy?  Oh wait…

Oh and this post is not sponsored by Gap, however if they are interested in sponsoring any of my future posts YES PLEASE!!!  Since an adorable pregnant woman saw me contemplating a shoe purchased and gave me the best sole advice I’ve gotten in years, I feel the need to pay it forward.  I plan on (slowly) purchasing these flats in every color.  They fold into a cute little ball that fits easily into my purse for those days (and nights) when I feel like torturing my feet in heels. 

I’m rocking my new super comfy black flats today and I feel like a whole new woman.  Grab a pair before they’re all gone!


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