Thursday, November 18, 2010

Silence is Golden…

I’m feeling very quiet today.  However, I will share a funny story.  Last night I got home around 8 after a very busy day.  I walked into my beautifully clean apartment and managed to step on a piece of glass leftover from a broken coaster (dropped by yours truly of course).  Suddenly my foot is gushing blood, literally leaving a trail from my bedroom to the bathroom.  It would not stop bleeding for several minutes.  In an attempt to find band-aids I open my medicine cabinet which is conveniently located over my toilet and several items fall out and directly into the toilet.  One of the aforementioned items was a brand new bunch of hair things.  By things I mean hair ties, which I rarely buy.  Lucky me to have that money go down the toilet, literally.

It was one of those moments where all I could do was yell my roommates name to come help me and laugh.  FML.  Oh and don’t worry my foot is nicely bandaged today and I find limps sexy, so guys must also, right?