Thursday, November 11, 2010

So I Did It…

I actually put in an application for the “Skinny Size Me” series on Skinny In The City.  Since I’m open to sharing my weight struggles (hence this blog) I’d love the chance to work with some experts.  First and foremost I need to get a handle of my eating.  I also need help with my exercise plans.  I know so many people are successful in becoming healthier on their own and I admire that immensely, but I’ve decided it can’t hurt to simply ask for help.  Please keep your fingers crossed for me! 

In other news, my Mom just sent me this article and asked what I thought about it.  I think I’ve been a “body bully” as long as I can remember.  In sixth grade with JNCO jeans became popular I had a hard time finding a pair that fit over my hips.  Ever since then I’ve felt bigger than all of my friends.  It makes me sad that girls at young as five think they are fat.  It says a lot about how mainstream media effects our youth.  I will say that having a positive role model can help counteract those negative messages.  If I had a friend or older sister or mentor telling me, “YOU ARE ENOUGH” or “YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL” on a regular basis I can only imagine the years I would have saved figuring it out on my own.  Mothers aren’t perfect; they’re simply doing the best they can along with the rest of us.  The more we spread the message that teaching young girls to love their bodies is a must, the less we’ll read studies like the ones in the article. 

One of my favorite moments of the past few years took place while having brunch with Gabby and Bevin.  A Father was having brunch with his young (maybe two year-old) daughter at the next table.  We all started talking and Gabby looked at the little girl and said “You are enough.”  We all started laughing and Gabby said, “We have to start them young and say it every day.”  The Father agreed and said, “She’s the star of the show at our house.”  Imagine if someone had said that to you every day.  Imagine if you said that to someone else everyday?  Just think of the possibilities. 

The moral of my pithy story is that we do need to start them young.  We need to teach girls that complimenting others is cool and that making fun of yourself is not. 

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Jeanette said...

From your totally supportive, imperfect mother YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL :)