Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ask A Third Dude….

Here are the answers to last week’s Ask A Dude’s movie questions:  This is exactly how Third Dude answered, typos and all.

1.  What is your favorite movie?  The movie you quote all the time?

My favorite movie will probably have to be big fish. I'm not a big quoter but I do find myself also referencing the following: magnolia, elf, royal tenenbaums, life aquatic, and munich (for obvious reasons, ha).

2.  What's your favorite movie to watch with someone you're dating?  The most romantic movie you love?

Favorite date-movie? I have no idea. I'm really not into romantic comedies. Meet the faulkers was funny. Is that a date movie? I hate matthew mconoughey or whatever his name is By the way. sooo laaaame. He seems to be in a lot of them--Im thinking of the one he was in with the self-loating jew from sex and the city. Failure to launch? more like Failure and Retardation....OH, how about the movie you just sent me? Fantastic Mr. Fox. I REALLY liked it. Actually, I might put that in the first category. It was really good either way...Juno is good but I dont think its a date movie...Brook Back Mountain is damn good. Probably the best made love story in a while....Pretty women? Dancing with wolves? Edward scissor-hands? Ya, lets go with that. Edward Scissor-hands.

I think the self-loathing Jew Third Dude was referring to was SJP, who I LOVE!   Maybe it’s a girl thing.  Thoughts?

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