Monday, December 13, 2010

(Beautiful) Words of Wisdom:

via Cary Randolph:


Steal his sweater. And then his gum. Steal his hand from his pocket when you’re walking down the street. Wayfarers off the dashboard and the last bite of dessert. (I hope you ordered the soufflĂ©.) Borrow a spritz or two of his cologne. (Spray it on your pillow so you won’t ever forget him.) Lift his watch - not the best one but the other one - and sometimes refuse to relinquish the remote control. (Here’s a tip: turn it off.) Sneak a couple French fries or a sip of beer, scotch, Arnold Palmer. When the check comes, grab it first. Surprise! Dinner is on you tonight since you are wearing his dress shirt, his cuff links, and his thickest marled socks. Borrow his time and sweatpants and some ice (but refill the tray). Where did Saturday go? Hog the covers; linger in the shower. (Use all the hot water.) Wake up early in the morning. Make off with his ball cap (Cardinals), his book (Mailer), and his needlepoint belt. You’re on a hot streak. Steal some kisses while you’re at it. Promise to give them back.

So romantic and wonderful.  Cary’s such a fantastic writer. 

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