Wednesday, December 8, 2010

From The Back Of My Closet…

…out comes my winter jacket!  I purchased my black belted BCBG jacket about three years ago after losing my beloved coat the night of my 24th birthday.  I got it majorly discounted at Lord & Taylor and still love it dearly.  It is, however, on it’s last leg.  Buying a warm, flattering black jacket is such a huge undertaking that I just don’t want to face it. 

I like to think my jacket looks “vintage” instead of “like a mess.” 

It officially feels like winter here in New York City.  There are Christmas lights everywhere and holiday music blasting in every store.  I don’t care for most holiday music.  I do love a little “All I Want For Christmas” and “Baby It’s Cold Outside.”  Those are holiday classics for me.  What are some of yours?



I resisted the urge to wear my Uggs this morning.  I didn’t want to look like a winter marshmallow at my morning meeting.  Once I wear those bad boys I become addicted.  I wore them every chilly day in college for three years straight.  I was wearing them during the infamous spill outside the Forum building at PSU.  Besties, I’m talking to you.  Thanks for helping me up, bitches. 

In other news, I turn 27 tomorrow.  Actually tonight at midnight.  In less than 12 hours I’m done with 26.  I have mixed feelings about it.  I keep reminding myself that there is no timeline for life and I’m not “behind” people that are engaged or in serious relationships.  There’s so much more to experience and it can only get better, right?  I’m excited  to see what 27 holds for me.  I guess entering my “late 20’s” (oyyy how did that happen) is a great place to be.  When I’m with my parents and younger sister I still feel (and behave) like I’m 12.  When I’m in a business meeting I feel confident and mature (and well-dress, natch).  What an interesting dichotomy.  Every time I think “shit, I’m adult”  an opportunity to be a complete child presents itself. 

I have great friends.  I have supportive parents.  I’m working towards my dream working life.  I have people who challenge me every day.  I try to do “the right thing.”  I refrain from yelling “MOVE” at slow tourists on the sidewalk.  I’m doing my part, you know.  I’m lucky enough to be celebrating the big 2-7 with my closest friends on Friday night.  There will be dancing, even if I’m the only one doing it.  I will force someone to go ice-skating with me.  Watch out, any male friends/random men on the streets.

And there you have it….straight from the back of my closet.  Happy Wednesday!!! 

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