Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Gift Of Giving…

My baby sister was promoted earlier in the week!!!  It’s her first promotion and I wanted to surprise her with a little something.  A big congrats to bestie Allie who was also promoted!!!  I have friends in high places!  Jackie was sooooo not expecting the pink “flower martini” I sent her yesterday.  She loved it!  Which made me very very happy.  As my close friends know, I love a good surprise! 


It’s just so Jackie!

In other news, I’m wearing the softest, warmest Vince sweater dress procured from a consignment shop with my Nanny.  She’s the BEST at getting a deal and I walked away with this comfy winter staple for $75!  I keep forgetting that I have a real camera now and I’ll have to take an outfit picture when I get home later.  But, I highly recommend hitting the secondhand stores this winter.  There are tons of deals to be had! 

Happy Almost Weekend!

P.S.  I know I used far too many exclamation points in this post.  Giving gifts just puts me in an exclamation point-y kind of mood. 

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