Friday, December 17, 2010

Some Families Are Special…

….like mine.  With Christmas around the corner, us Jews are making plans including Chinese food and movies.  One of the Christmas traditions among the Cohens has been playing Scrabble.  You see, my Mom (thinks she) is the best Scrabble player to ever have lived.  My parents still use the original Scrabble game they purchased after getting married.  We even use the same dictionary from the late 70’s.  All of our family’s scores from the last thirty years are still in the box including the game my parents played while my mom was in labor with me.  There is a list of her contractions still happily living in that box.  Creepy, I know. 

I should also mention that I hate Scrabble.  Some people cheat (ahem Jason) and some people use stupid words (ahem Jackie).  The most entertaining part of the evening, by far, is watching my Mom beat my Dad.  Her excitement is equivalent to a ten on the Richter Scale (assuming the scale goes that high).  Her inevitable victory, although entertaining, is also stressful.  I would like to not come in last for once.  I’ve always  read above my grade level, so to speak, therefore it is completely unfair that I have to yet to win a game in my entire life.  Every other second my Mom and and sister get another fifty points for “amazing” or something equally as absurd.  Now that we have a fifth in the mix whose competitive by nature, hilarity is sure to ensue.  In fact, we’ve already has some shit-talking emails circulating.  I’m sure you’re all dying to see them and I wouldn’t want to disappoint my blog friends. 

From Sister: Christmas Eve we can eat Chinese, play scrabble, drink wine, and read the phone book by the fire.  Can't wait :)

From Mother: Sounds like a plan! Jason start studying the dictionary

From Sister’s BF: I've been getting ready, I hired a personal scrabble trainer, been hitting the tiles 2 times a week.  You guys are in trouble.

From Father:  Has anyone told Jason that we play blindfolded using Chinese characters, and we train at altitude?

From Me: I consider myself the dark horse in this competition.  I smell an underdog victory this year.

And there you have it folks.  Some stupidity to get your weekend started. 

This is especially for my Dad:


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