Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Winter Wants…

1.  To have Kim K’s body without sweating through any more Tracy.

2.  Hats.  Well, more accurately, to look good in a winter hat.  I look like an overexcited 12 year-old and ear muffs make me cringe. 

3.  A weekend in a cabin with a roaring fire in the background as I cook a fierce meal. 

4.  Mitten hand-holding. 

5.  To have my building acknowledge the fact that there are Amazon-like temperatures in the apartments and find a middle ground between freezing and sweltering. 

6.  To attend/throw a post New Year’s cocktail party.   Those first few weeks of January are always rough as temperatures drop and the parties become scarce. 

7.  To learn to take really good photographs.  Ahem, Ash. 

8.  To fall asleep before midnight on the regular.  Being tired is sooo last winter. 

9.  To make huge batches of d delicious soup to last me for weeks. 

10.  To slow down and enjoy this incredible city that I inhabit.  People dream of living here their whole lives and I actually roam these streets daily.  How lucky am I?

Happy Tuesday, blog friends!

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