Monday, January 17, 2011

Ask A Dude: Best Of Edition

I’ve asked Third Dude to answer some questions previously answered by Rusty and Dude #2.  Here are his unedited answers.  Please keep those questions coming.  I’m hoping to bring even more fun stuff to you guys in 2011. 

1.  What is your idea of the perfect date?  Have you ever had a "perfect" date?

What a novel question-read sarcasm. I don't know. Obviously it would be more perfect (or more shitty) depending on the quality of the date herself. I guess the activity isn't really important. My perfect date might include lunch at a deli, then a movie, and then a PG-13 sleepover. Maybe a date to the gym, ha.

2.  Do you think its possible for men and women to be best friends?  Just completely platonic?  Do you have a female best friend?

Another fresh one...Well I think that the nature of relationships is often predicated on how they start. Friendships borne between two people in relationships with others will usually be safely platonic. Friendships borne between singles, form my lights, seem to more easily change into romantic ones. I have female friends but none of them are very close. I don't think you can have a best friend of a different gender. Too complicated. 

3.  What is the best relationship advice you've heard?  What's the best relationship advice you've given?

The best generic advice I've heard was by mad dad- "If you want to know what a girlfriend of your will look like/act like when she is older, look at her mother." Truth. I don't really give much advise but I do remember once saying that "if she can't laugh at herself, shes not worth it." 

4.  How do you feel about New Year's Eve?  Is it more fun to celebrate single or with a significant other?

I really don't like New Years. Always a disappointment.

Thoughts?  I think my favorite part of Third Dude’s answers was the “PG-13 sleepover.”  I also find all the grammatical errors rather endearing – read sarcasm. 

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