Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ask A Dude: Spread the Wealth

This week’s edition of Ask A Dude  involves questions directly from me :)

1.  What have you learned from answering the Ask A Dude Questions?  From reading my blog in general?

I have learned a few things... The first thing is how different men and women really are. Guys are simple. Girls are complicated. Guys have no idea why girls are so complicated and girls have no idea why guys are so simple. Female complexity makes guys crazy. Male simplicity makes girls crazy! Nobody can win!!

I think that men and women are equally self conscious about their looks and how other people perceive them, but while women are open about their struggles with self-esteem, men keep this to themselves.

"Ask A Dude" and "Weight And See" has really opened my eyes to how different men and women are...

...Now I am going to go back to the couch to watch sports in my underwear, smoke a cigar, and keep my feelings inside!

So ladies, what do you think?

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