Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Sometimes I like to pretend I’m on the Real World…back when it was cool, of course (Miami, Seattle, Boston, etc.).  What “character” would I be?  I’d like to think I’d be the fun, up-for-anything girl, but then I pinch myself and realize that I’d probably be the reliable, best friendy one and I begin to sulk. 

If you could live a day in someone else’s shoes who would it be?  I’d like to be Jennifer Aniston for a day just because, well, she’s just the coolest chick and maybe I’d give John Mayer a call.  I kid.  Sort of. 

So, seriously who would you want to be for just one day?

In other confessions…I was talking to my roomie (who is a social worker and therefore my de facto therapist) about my trip to Cabo and how it was different to have a guy there (Sisters BF).  Some nights we would be seated at a table for six (we were five) leaving an empty seat at the table.  I felt as though that empty chair was mocking me.  The empty spot at the table came to represent my singledom.  It began to piss me off.  The more I thought about it, the more nuts I became.  I confessed a reoccurring thought I’ve had for the past several days.  I thought about having my boyfriend on vacation with my family and I explained to my roomie how I worried that my future BF would look at my sister in her bikini and then look at me and be like “why am I with the bigger sister.”  Immediately after saying this aloud I recognized the insanity behind this thought. 

Clearly, none of this has anything to do with my sister, it’s about my insecurities and even though I’ve come quite far, I still have a ways to go.  So there you have it.  Just picture me talking into a camera in the “confessional room” at my swank Real World house someplace fabulous.  

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Danielle said...

Reese Witherspoon. I seriously love her. She always looks so relaxed and happy. : )