Monday, January 24, 2011

Half of My Heart…

Everyone needs a little John Mayer reference on a frigid Monday, right?  This weekend was filled with talk of fashion, babies, weddings, good food, even better drinks, and copious amounts of laughter.  We stayed up well past our bed times and shared half asleep cups of coffee on the couch come morning.  We (ahem JV) read magazines aloud to one another while simultaneously searching for the perfect bridesmaid dress and gossiping.  We lingered at brunch to escape the cold and cried happy tears at No Strings Attached (love you Ashton!).  It was the quintessential girls weekend. 

I became fast friends with the newest addition to our group, Baby Reese.  Please excuse the horrific picture of me and gaze upon Her Cuteness. 


She was the most animated, happy baby I’ve ever seen.  You could tell how much she loved her Aunt Jamie and her new Aunties who will undoubtedly spoil her rotten. 

Half of my heart wants to settle down and have one of these adorable miniature humans, but the other half wants to strut around in dresses like these.


Hey bride, can I wear this one pretty please?? 

Oh to be 27 and town between adult responsibility and frivolous wants. 

How was your weekend? 

P.S.  I roaming the mean streets of NYC in a puffy jacket from Freshman year of college…clearly I need an upgrade.  Does anyone have a semi-flattering puffy coat they love?  Please email me suggestions!

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Jamie said...

PLEASE wear that dress and PLEASE bring Blair Waldorf with you!!!!!