Thursday, January 20, 2011

Please Spread The Word…

I received this email from my friend, D, who is involved with a charity called Silver Lining Society.  Please forward the information to anyone who could help. 

Thank you! 

SLS Members:

Columbia University Medical Center has a young patient, Walter, who was diagnosed with leukemia at 16. He’s since relapsed and has received a bone marrow transplant. His living situation is dire. His story is not to be believed but he is basically homeless while in treatment. His brother is his full time care giver who is unable to work, creating an ongoing downwards spiral. His parents live in a remote village in Mexico and for a variety of reasons, have been unable to see Walter since his original diagnosis (Walter is a US citizen).
He is about 5’7, slim build, wears a men’s medium and a size 9 shoes.
We would love any donated clothes - literally head to toe.

If you can donate, please email me at
Thank you,
Silver Lining Society

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