Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sage Advice…

“Smart girls have more fun.” –Aaron Sorkin after winning Best Screenplay at the SAG Awards. 

I was once on a date with a guy who basically said that the less attractive girls are more ambitious because they have to be.  Meaning they won’t marry a wealthy, handsome man to take care of them.  Sounds like a winner, right?  I had to struggle to keep my dinner down after that. 

I thought Sorkin’s speech was so beautiful because that’s not something young women are told in the media.  You look at the cover of fashion magazines, watch reality shows (which didn’t exist when I was growing up except Real World, of course), and see vapid, drunk women looking to be famous. 

There’s a reason my favorite actress is Natalie Portman.  She’s stunning, of course, but so well-spoken (Harvard doesn’t hurt, either) and always plays the interesting girl.  I was having dinner with Sister and Sister’s BF the other night and we were talking about beauty.  I was saying that the older I get the more I’ve learned to accept what my mamma gave me, so to speak.  My beauty isn’t stopping traffic, not to say I don’t have my moments, but I’m never going to be Giselle, so I might as well be the hottest, smartest, most interesting Shanna I can be, right?  RIGHT?

Being the most beautiful girl in the room is fun, I’m sure, but if that’s all you’ve got, you might as well be a poster. 

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