Thursday, January 20, 2011

Story of My Life…

Jimmy. Fallon.  That’s really all I’d have to type in this post and you would all know where I was going.  I love him.  Adore him.  Wanna smooch him.  You get the point. 

When I read this on GOOP I began to hysterically laugh.  He’s just so lighthearted and funny.  I’m sure he has his stressful or sad days, but he always looks like he’s having fun and shouldn’t we all, really? 

In the year 2011, I'm gonna lose 15 pounds, 10 pounds, 3 pounds. 3 pounds is doable. I could totally lose 3 pounds. And I will quit introducing myself to people as Kenny Simon.
- Jimmy Fallon

That sounds exactly like my thought process every Monday.  “I’m going to work out five times this week.  Actually I have a pretty packed Tuesday so I’ll just do four days.  Or maybe three days.  Three days is much more realistic.  Eh if I can fit two days, that’s a victory, right?  Shit it’s Friday and I haven’t worked out at all.  Woops.”

Completely switching gears, here’s my love song of the day.  It’s dedicated to Ash.  Not in that way, people.  She just lives for John Legend’s smooth like buttah voice.  Who can blame her?