Monday, February 14, 2011

Be My Valentine?

Well, the big day is here.  I’ve never been one to wear red or pink ever, let alone on Valentines Day so I’m dressed in my usual head to toe black (photo to come later for my challenge).  I woke to a Happy V-Day email from my Dad who is on business in Asia, so that was a very nice way to start the day.  I then wrote a happy V-Day email to the college besties to spread the love a little farther. 

Last night was filled with so much music, my face actually  hurts from smiling.  I went to a great (early bird) dinner then saw American Idiot on Broadway.  John Gallagher Jr. was obviously sensational.  One of the other leads, Tunny, was played by Stark Sands.  His voice was so beautiful and perfect for the music of the show (Green Day).  We were lucky enough to see Billie Joe in the show as well.  His voice is so distinct it brings me back to middle school when I bought Dookie.  It was one of the first CD’s I ever owned and I knew every song by heart.  At the end of the show the entire cast came out on stage with guitars to play “Time of Your Life” and popped a bottle of champagne because they had just won a Grammy!  Once I got home I was glued to the Grammy’s for the next few hours.  My favorite performance was Bruno Mars and B.O.B.  Wow I just fully geeked out!  A night filled with so much music! 

How was your weekend?

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