Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Long Lost Super Bowl Party…

I mildly enjoy football.  Before the Fall of 2002 I don’t remember ever watching an entire game.  Enter Penn State.  You can’t live in Happy Valley and not watch football.  The entire town lives and breaths Penn State Football.  I even traveled to Miami in the Winter of 2006 to see Penn State play in the Orange Bowl.  Oy.  That trip was part nightmare, part best time I’ve ever had.  Six girls in a hotel room is a lot.  I digress. 

This Super Bowl I had a few close girl friends over for a relaxing mini party.  I provided the dessert and a couple of appetizers and my friends brought dips and wine.  It was the perfect way to watch the Super Bowl (plenty of time for chatting and catching up).  As is the case with most of my culinary adventures, I got a little carried away while making desert.  I spent the better part of the morning scouring the interwebs for the perfect brownie recipe.  Not normal, I know.   I was reading through Eat Live Run’s recipes and discovered her “Mint S’More Brownies” and immediately started making a grocery list.  I also placed several calls to my Mom for backup (I always need supervision while baking). 

Here are some pictures of the baking process, which ended with delicious, extra gooey brownies (half of which are still in my freezer!). 

I was super organized and prepped everything beforehand:


I drooled while melting the chocolate and butter.  I’m lame like that:



I used mini York Peppermint Patties for my “mint.”



Next time I make these I’ll melt the marshmallows right before serving.


Look how delicious they looked!  The smell was intoxicating!


Jamie and I both posed with the finished product:



The girls seemed to enjoy them, which made me very very happy!  I think I may officially be addicted to baking.  Packaged desserts don’t appeal to me at all anymore.  Le sigh. 


Jamie said...

yum, those brownies were good!

jen vogel said...

this made me want more brownies!!!