Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday In Music…

Saturday night was spent watching a Glee marathon on Oxygen then discovering that Rome & Juliet was on E!.  Young Leonardo Dicaprio is something to feast your eyes upon.  I forgot how adorable he was and by adorable I mean smoking hot.  I remember when the movie came out (I was in 7th Grade) and I went to the movie with my boyfriend at the time and my best friend and her boyfriend.  Gotta love the group movie date.  Remember taking up an entire row at the movies with your friends?  Please tell me that wasn’t just me.  Anyway, I fell in love with the soundtrack, bought it the next day, and proceeded to listen to it pretty much every single day for the next several months.  Clearly not much has changed since then.  While watching on Saturday night I relived my favorite moments of awkwardness with that soundtrack. 

While reading my current new obsession, I’ve been journaling a lot about my childhood, teenage years and when I began to feel uncomfortable with my body.  This may seem completely unrelated to everything I’ve written thus far, but this song represents the last year that I can remember feeling confident.  A really really really cute boy wanted to be my boyfriend.  It was a big deal.  The following year, in eighth grade, is when things began to really change.  My JNCO jeans didn’t fit properly, a mean girl was making my life hell, you know all that good Middle School stuff.  I love how this soundtrack takes me way back.  Back before.  I was still innocent and is there anything more liberating than childhood innocence?  I love finding new (old) music to add to my current collection. 

This one song in particular used to get me dancing around in my room.  It  made me dream of skipping down my street (now my parent’s street) holding hands with my handsome boyfriend.  On Saturday night I had that exact same thought (minus my parent’s street).  Some songs are just that good.  So here it is.  The band is Swedish and there’s a few words in Swedish at the beginning.  Fear not, you are watching the correct video. 

I hope it makes you smile…smile big :)

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