Thursday, February 3, 2011

More Firsts…

1.  Brushing my teeth in the shower.  What?  It saves time.  I could use those extra two minutes for something better.  Not sure what that is yet.

2.  Still following the book.  Realized at 12:15am that I forgot to write my daily meditation (I was up watching my husband Anderson Cooper report from Egypt) so I turned on the light, sat up, and got writing.  Thirty minutes later I was finally asleep.  I did not skip my assignment.  I have kept the promise to myself. 

3.  It’s my first day not wearing rain boots this week.  Yay for regular footwear!

4.  I thought about writing an old friend an email and actually did it on the spot.  Life is too short to not reach out when the urge strikes. 

5.  I can’t remember/find the post with this video in it.  Therefore, this is a possible repeat.  Gasp.  I’m just really in love with this song and his voice so you guys will have to bear with me.  Or don’t watch the video.  Whichever. 

The only thing disturbing is that Teddy Geiger is younger than my sister.  Such a mini-pup.  Very sexy voice for such a young thang. 

Happy Almost Weekend!

P.S.  Big news regarding my bubble butt coming tomorrow :)

1 comment:

Danielle said...

I haven't ever brushed my teeth in the shower. Maybe I should try it to save those couple extra minutes!

"Life is too short to not reach out when the urge strikes." I totally agree!