Thursday, February 17, 2011

Song of the Day: Just For Me

It’s Thursday (almost the long weekend), it’s sunny and warm out, and I just had two great meetings.  I’ve returned to the land of ballet flats and lighter jackets.  How could I not be smiling?  Life is good.  I’m drinking an iced coffee in the middle of February.  Good things are happening to those around me.  Today is just a good day. 

After a decidedly morose couple of days in the world of music on this blog, I’ve decided to lighten up.  Everyone has that one feature they know rules and for me it’s my eyes.  I’ve got the whole dark hair/light eyes thing happening.  They change colors and today they’re completely blue.  It’s as though this song was written just for my peepers. 

A few words on Timmy Curran.  He’s a surfer.  I love surfers and surfing, in general. 

See.  That’s me.  A blue-eyed surfer having a fabulous day. 


(Photo Credit: My sister on the beach in Cerritos, BCS, Mexico)

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