Monday, February 14, 2011

Song of the Day – Love Edition

I would be remiss to post anything but a love song today, right?  Hallmark tells us that today is the day to make someone feel special, so that’s what I’m going to do.  This song is for all my girls.  The girls who love to put on a dress and heels and take this city by storm.  The girls who have piled into my (very small) car for road trips all over this coast, even putting up with my constant need for the convertible top down.  The girls who let me bake for them because they know it makes me happy.  The girls who are always a phone call away when I need something…or nothing.  The girls who put up with my nonsense and, trust me, I spew a lot of nonsense.  The girls who encourage me to put myself out there because they know how shy I can be.  The girls who ask for my advice because they value my opinion.  The girls who’ve known me my whole life and the ones who feel as though they have.  The girls who I admire because they’re so courageous in ways I’m not and the girls who I truly couldn’t live without.

Whether it was navigating the treacherous landscapes of adolescence, living together with tons of shoes in college, or surviving on the sidewalks of this city together, I just want to say I love you.  It’s been real, bitches. 

I hope this song inspires you to “run free” and enjoy our youth. 

P.S.  It’s from one of my most favorite soundtracks, Romeo & Juliet

“…I’m gonna love me for the rest of my days…” 

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