Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Song of the Day…

It took me a little longer than usual to pick today’s top tune.  I’m also going to approach my song choices more seriously.  My ultimate goal would be to describe them the same way The Cupcakeologist describes her baking adventures; as part of the larger scheme of life.  The reason I love music so much is that it’s relatable to my life.  I fall in love with songs/bands/albums because they speak my language.  Sure, a song will remind me about a particular crushing crush or a fabulously fit summer (oh summer of 2005 you were oh so skinny), but sometimes a song is so close to my heart that I can’t find the words.  This song is one of those. 

My admiration of The Script is nothing new.  I’ve seen them live twice, once during a monster hangover after my 26th birthday party.  I only got out of bed to attend the concert and it was well worth the struggle.  I danced my way through those two concerts, loudly singing every lyric of their first album.  I was thrilled when their second album was released just weeks ago and once again I’m blown away by the lyrical genius of this band.  To have someone to stick it out during the hard times is a true gift.  Someone who is yours.  Someone who remembers your birthday and makes you feel special on Valentines Day.  Someone who lets me bake all the crazy treats I want and then tells me they taste amazing even when I  know they don’t.  Someone who would literally stand in front of you to protect you from anything. 

That is love.  Real life, doesn’t matter what happens, love. 

Enjoy :)

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