Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Song of the Day…

Did you guys know that Valentines Day is Monday?  I’m sure this is a surprise and you haven’t seen a million commercials/magazine articles/decorations on display.  I’m not one of those girls who is depressed about being single on Valentines Day.  I’ve actually had some surprisingly fun V-Days out with my friends.  I love love.  I love the idea of going out of your way to make someone feel special if only for one day.  If I wasn’t so cheap I’d probably send all of my best friends flowers.  Who doesn’t want to know someone is thinking of them?  I would like to challenge all of you to make someone happy this Valentines Day, even if that person is yourself.  Go out of you way.  Send that email or make that phone call.  As I’ve said before, Valentines Day isn’t about romantic relationships, it’s about love.  Family members and besties need love too. 

In honor of all things red and pink (yuck) today’s song is all about love.  In total ridiculous 80’s style.  This is for all those times someone missed out on the greatness that is me (and you, of course).  This song gets a crowd going every time and for a good reason.  It’s all kinds of fun.  My perfect Valentines Day doesn't involve some elaborate display of affection, just the simple idea that I’m important to someone.  Flashbacks of Middle School and purchasing roses for every boy in my grade are dancing through my head as I silently thank the Universe that I’m an adult now.  No one is without a Valentine this year because you all are mine.  I mean who wouldn’t want you, right?

Love you, my dear readers!

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