Friday, February 11, 2011

Song of the Day…

The weekend always presents an ideological problem.  Am I too old to stay out all night dancing?  Should I go to dinner and call it a night?  I’ve accepted that my twenties are somewhat or a “no man’s land.”  Feeling lost is a sensation I’ve become quite familiar with.  There are so many places in this city I want to see; so much left to explore.  One part of me  still feels like a teenager ready to bar hop and schmooze, yet the other part of me wants to cook my boyfriend a great dinner, have some wine, watch Dateline, and go to sleep.  The main problem is my body and not the way you’re all thinking.

I can’t function on a few hours sleep anymore.  A hangover can seemingly last for days.  The idea of vodka makes me feel physically ill.  I’m no spring chicken.  I’m 27 and two months (as of yesterday).  When I was in college I honestly thought I’d be married by now.  HA.  Oh how little I knew then.  I didn’t even know who I was at 22 let alone who I’d want to be with.  The boy I wanted back then could never have given me what I wanted/needed.  So now here I am, older and somewhat wiser, stuck between two worlds. 

My song of the day is from the oh so cool 90’s.  A time when things were far more simple and I was far more innocent.  This band is the epitome of angst-y and that’s the kind of mood I’m in today.  Frustrated at this bridge between young and wild and mature and settled; I’m just looking for someone to sit in a dark corner (in front of a fireplace, natch) of a dive bar on Friday, then let me obsess over every detail of dinner on Saturday night.  Oh and cook me breakfast.  Is that so much to ask?


Carolyn said...

So I have obviously commented on quite a few posts tonight but I think this one is really relevant and true. I will be 30 in a few months and I am torn between my mind and my body. We are at war. I KNOW.

Shanna said...

Hi Carolyn,

Thanks for all your comments! It's nice to have a reader from beautiful Chicago! I happen to love Counting Crows and anything Adam Duritz sings. "Anna Begins" is one of my all time favorites!

Thanks for reading!