Thursday, March 24, 2011


I went looking for a photo of my four roommates and I from senior year of college.  This is a most dangerous task as I always get sucked into perusing the thousands (literally) of pictures taken between the Fall of 2005 and the Spring of 2006.  We documented every single moment of that crazy year.  Every pregame, every football game, every late night party, every pizza, every hug, every kiss, every fight, every outfit (we shared about 20 shirts and simply rotated them mostly), and most importantly every laugh. 

The picture below personifies that year.  We’ve all come a long way since this picture was taken (Fall of 2005).  Some people have gotten engaged, some people have moved away, some people have dated my sister for 4+ years (Hi Jason!), some are lighter, some are heavier (ahem ME), and some things haven’t changed a bit.  In fact, this picture is so perfect I think it should be on the cover of Penn State’s brochure. 

Come to school here, make fantastic friends, drink cheap beer, attend portions of football games, and take really long naps. 


(I’m second from the left wearing ridiculous vintage sunglasses I sat on later that day!)

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Jamie said...

dear psu and 14. i miss you. love, jamie.
ps. dear little couch, i miss you too.