Wednesday, March 23, 2011


“…oh the weather outside is…weather.”  Name that movie, get a dollar. 

I think Mother Nature is confused.  You see, it’s officially Spring.  This means I’m officially over temperatures below fifty degrees and any sort of frozen precipitation.  I’m simply over it. 

I’m ready to wear cut-off’s (dear god please let them fit!) and flip-flops while sweating and complaining how hot it is.  Bring on the heat stroke, Mother Nature.

Last night over Brooklyn Ale and delicious meatballs (Meatball Shop for the win!) I was discussing the “grass is always greener” theory with a bestie.  In the winter I want hot weather.  In the summer I dream of snow.  I want more free time when I have tons of freelance work then I wish for more freelance work when I have free time.  Today I’m going to focus on being content exactly where I am. 

What are y’all thinking about today?

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