Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Good Fight…

I like to argue.  That is why everyone in my family thought I would be an attorney…until I decided I would rather play in traffic.  That is neither here nor there.  I still enjoy a good verbal sparring.  It’s one of my best and worst qualities.

Sometimes it’s far better to keep my mouth shut.  To let someone else be Captain Obvious for the day.  Sometimes I’m able to control the urge, other times…not so much. 

Over the years I’ve tried to be more selective with my arguments.  I’ve tried to let the little things go.  Only put up a fight when it’s really worth it.  The problem is, certain people are so absurd I just have to say my piece.  Then I feel guilty.  It’s a vicious cycle of anger, frustration, and guilt.  In the end, I’m grateful for the reminder as to why these people are no longer in my daily life. 

They’re not worth the good fight. 

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