Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy Passover…

To all my fellow Jews out there, Happy Passover!  I see lots of family time in my near future.  I’ll be sure to document my culinary adventures.  As most of you know, Passover isn’t known for great food (not being able to use flour puts a damper on things), but tomorrow night I’ll be helping my Mom/Grandmothers prepare a traditional Sephardic (Mediterranean) feast.  The foodie in me is very excited to see how this all turns out! 

In non-Jew news, I had a lovely weekend complete with trips to Queens and Central Park.  Many a lesson was learned; most importantly that sharing an umbrella with a man several inches taller during a downpour is not as romantic as you might think.  Unless you think looking like a wet poodle is romantic. 

Happy Passover! 

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