Thursday, April 28, 2011

Things That Scare Me…

1.  These crazy powerful thunder storms heading our way in the next hour.  I would prefer not to show up to the Tribeca Film Festival later looking like I crawled out of a drain.

2.  Not losing weight.  Doing all this work, attending meetings, working out, and not changing.  That thought scares the shit right out of me.  I try to keep it at bay, but every once in a while it rears its ugly head.

3.  That I’ll never be truly great at anything.  I’m a good writer, a good friend, etc.  But, the idea of “great” scares me on the regular.

4.  Never finding true love.  Some anonymous commenter told me that I’d never find love if I didn’t lose weight.  It’s something I’ve struggled with ever since.  So thank you, anonymous commenter. 

5.  Really dark allies.  I’ve watched far too much Law & Order for my own good. 

6.  Drowning.  Hands down one of my top fears.  I love to surf, ironically enough, but I get scared wading in three feet of water in the Hamptons/Fire Island.  Go figure.

7.  Fire.  I’m not a fan of anything super hot or that can disfigure you. 

8.  Performing on a stage.  The last time I was on a proper stage was for Greek Sing in the fall of 2002.  We performed songs from Guys and Dolls and I was a good enough dancer to be front row.  Jazz hands, everyone.  I discovered I was an alright dancer in Club Med when I was 13/14 and the “teen club” (good Lord) performed a Sister Act type number where we wore fishnets under our Nun’s clothes.  It was quite risqué` for the audience and apparently my parents were shocked I had any sort of rhythm. 

9.  Falling down in public.  I put this at the bottom of my list because it happens regularly and usually at the worst possible moment when I’m carrying luggage, in formal wear, or with a boy. 

What scares y’all?

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