Friday, May 20, 2011

Weather Wonders…

So it’s Friday and it’s still raining.  At this point I’m starting to believe those crazies saying the world is ending tomorrow.  What else could be the reason for all this moisture.  I’ve looked like a poodle for days and I am over it.  Completely and utterly over it.  I miss my straight hair…and dry feet. 

I also will be shaking my tail feather again tonight at Zumba.  I’m in the mood to get down.  In a big way.  This whole eating less food (and especially less carbs) has taken me to a whole new level.  After two glasses of wine last night I feel like a slug today.  I’ve been chugging water (and iced coffee) and stuffing my face with greens and protein, but to no avail.  Looks like I’ll be sweating buckets this evening.  Was that TMI?  Good, I didn’t think so.

Any exciting plans for this weekend?

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