Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My First…

This past weekend was filled with many firsts.  My first bachelorette weekend.  My first time in New Orleans without supervision (aka my parents).  My first vacation fully funded by me (aka not using my Dad’s miles and/or tagging along on a family vacation).  My first time in a pool with my clothes on (at least willingly), but more on that later.  Let’s go back to last Thursday around 5:15pm.  We (me, JV, Allie) meet at my apartment where I rush around making sure I have everything, which of course I did not and head out to our waiting car.  The ride to the airport was uneventful and even though our flight was delayed 30 minutes we were in good spirits. 

Fast forward two hours and we’re still not on the plane as we watch the skies open outside.  The airport was packed as no planes were taking off and we began to get a bit stir crazy.  We finally landed around midnight down south and headed to the W.  We were greeted with fabulous Southern charm and headed to our rooms to await the bachelorette returning from her evening out.

Friday morning began with breakfast (beignets and frozen coffee drinks) at the famous Cafe Du Monde’s.  We then walked the French Quarter stopping for lunch (oyster Po’ Boys) and some more walking and sightseeing.  We hit the surprisingly small pool (the W website was deceiving) for an afternoon dip.  Oh woops I forgot about the mango daiquiri consumed before lunch! 



After cooling off in the pool (it was close to 100 degrees) we napped, prettied, and met in the lobby for dinner.  After stepping off the elevator who do we see?  CHUCK BASS!  Oh yes, Ed Westwick in all his British glory enjoying a cocktail in the lobby.  He was gorgeous and incredibly sexy, but was none too pleased when the Bachelorette mistaking him for a mere mortal, asked him to take a picture of our rather large group.  He walked away and his friend did us a favor and snapped the photo.


It’s a rarity to have us all in the same time zone let alone same city, so this was a very special weekend!

I think I’ll leave it there for now and post part two a  bit later. 

Happy hump day!!

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