Thursday, June 30, 2011

On Curiosity…

It goes without saying (even though I’m about to say it) that I love blogging and being part of the blog community.  I have made some new friends, reignited my passion for the written word, and discovered how much I have left to learn.

I always thought of myself as relatively well-read.  Wrong.  Apparently two years of AP English in High School in addition to four years of reading Game Theory and the like do not make for a well-rounded literary repertoire.  In the five years since college (shit, I’m old) I have read a decent amount of important works, but I have a long way to go.  This realization excites me a great deal. 

Music is a whole different world.  I have been introduced to a mind-blowing amount of new music in the last four years.  British 80’s music has become an obsession and I have given most of those “indie” bands a listen.  I am now one of those people who doesn’t recognize songs on Top 40 radio, because I’ve been obsessively listening to my Best Coast playlist for two weeks straight.That right, I am one of those.  I hear a song (most likely on Pandora) that I like.  Fast forward 30 minutes and I can recite the band’s history and have listened to all of their most recent music.  I am nuts for new music that resonates with me.  I’m simply saying (in my special pithy way) that my musical world has been blown wide open and it’s rad.  I want to keep listening and discovering new things.  I want to keep reading and learning about the ever changing world of Social Media. 

My curiosity has been piqued in a major way.  I wonder what my little New York City world would be without this blog.  Sometimes when I can’t sleep I lay awake at night thinking how different I pictured my life at 27 ten years ago. 

I thought I was going to attend George Washington University, room with one of my best friends from camp, eventually attend law school, and star in a real life version of Law & Order.  Instead of spent four eye-opening years at Penn State, made life-long best friends, studied and hated Political Science, moved to NYC, worked at a job I hated for 3.5 years, and eventually started my own (very small) business.  I spent an insane two weeks in Israel, adding to my clan of life-changing friends, and renewed my spirit.  I read books about Meditation and joined a Meditation group resulting in one badass Sponsor, I’ve tried almost every single workout (and subsequently quit each one), I completed a sprint triathlon and did not die, I STARTED A BLOG!  Then I started another one.  Now I sit here, halfway to 28, wondering what’s next. 

The best part of this whole ridiculous word vomit is that I have no idea what’s next.  All I know is that I’m stoked to learn what tomorrow holds.  Hopefully it includes, new clients, cute boys, good music, and a strong summer cocktail!!!

HAPPY HOLIDAY WEEKEND! Hope y’all chase after the fun :)

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