Thursday, June 23, 2011

On Pain…and the Refine Method

Happy Thursday, blog friends!  Last night I tried my very first Refine Method class.  I would describe it as a hybrid Pilates/Core Fusion/Boot camp class.  The studio is adorable with exposed brick and Brynn, the owner and instructor greets everyone by name.  It doesn't hurt that its located a handful of blocks from my apartment. 

The workout is broken up into circuits consisting of core work, cardio bursts, and lower body work.  I knew I was in trouble after the first set of squats.  Oh, the squats.  The planks were killer.  Did I mention that one of the cardio bursts was actually holding a plank (for what felt like an eternity) while sliding our legs in and out on these cute little torture devices also known as discs.  Those were fun, except I almost cried.  Some of the squats were performed while using the pulley system for simultaneous upper body work.  It was quite the challenge.  I was actually shaking the entire way home.  Washing my hair and brushing my teeth were painful.  Holding my cell phone this morning was a task unto itself. 

Oh, I forgot to mention every time I laugh, cough, or basically move my extremely sore core screams.  There’s a reason everyone in the class was a dime.  This workout is insane, in the absolute best way possible. 

It’s basically like having a personal trainer (who is a former ballet dancer with the New York City Ballet) show you how to look like the ballerina I always longed to be.  It was a glorious Wednesday evening, indeed.  Now if I can only make it up the subway stairs in less than an hour, we’ll be good to go. 

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