Wednesday, July 20, 2011

For My Mom

From the ridiculously hysterical Erin Foster:

Mom’s are a funny thing. They’re all a little different in their own way, but there are just some things that tend to be universal. Let’s begin with them mispronouncing everyone’s name. If the name is Charlie, she’ll call him Charles. If it’s Christina, she’ll call her Christy. She’ll shorten it, lengthen it, nickname it, or just change it completely. And she does it all with complete confidence. Rolls off her tongue as if they’ve been friends for years and this is just their usual greeting. One of my best friends Lexi’s mom recently said to her, “Oh, I just can’t wait to see this movie that Theo is in.” Lexi said, “Uhh, who is Theo?” Lexi’s mom rolled her eyes, “Oh Lexi. Theo! Theonardo DeCaprio. Come ON.” That really happened.

Hey Mom, we’ll have to get you one of those “mom translators” that Andy Samberg was talking about.  He said they sold them at your favorite store, Ann Taylor. 

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