Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Funny, The Frustrating, The Friends…

What did single late 20-Something's do before online dating?  Just today, I was sent two new website focused on meeting that special someone.  Both started by friends or friends of friends of friends here in NYC. 

The first, SocialShark, was founded by a fellow Penn Stater and covers every aspect of dating for men.  They had an interesting blog section which allowed men to get a glimpse into the complicated minds of women.  Well, some women.  Check it out and let me know what you guys think. 

The second, Fish’n For, is a matchmaking/dating site solely based on referrals.  It’s online dating with a more personal touch.   

This brings me back to my original thought.  As much as I loathe online dating, and I really hate it, it definitely serves a purpose.  As we get older and people begin to pair off, meeting someone proves more and more difficult.  Some of my friends are great at dating.  They’re laid back.  OK, maybe not exactly laid back, but not quite as nuts as I can be.  Others find the process quite frustrating. 

I think the popularity of such sites is evidence of how tough it can be out there.  According to my Mother (and most Jewish Mothers) at 27 I should be engaged.  Or married and pregnant.  It’s an odd experience when your Mother tells you she’s ready for grandchildren when neither of her children or married.  I digress. 

Everyone wants love.  When someone tell me that they want to focus on their careers my first thought is you obviously haven’t met someone to make you want to focus elsewhere.  When a man says he doesn’t want a girlfriend right now my first thought is well you don’t want me to be your girlfriend

This post is all over the place, I know.  I’m trying to articulate my frustration in all the game playing.  A website claiming to make you “smooth"?”  Really? I had a funny conversation a few months ago regarding the various degrees of “smoothness” with one of my Ask A Dude contributors.  During that conversation I came to the realization that any effort to try and be “smooth” makes you “unsmooth” or “smoothless.”  I’m about to use a Friends reference, so get excited.  After Monica and Richard break up she attempts to leave a breezy answering machine message (remember answering machines?).  At the end of her message she says “I’m breezy,”  thus canceling out the breeziness of what she’d said prior.  Certain things can’t be taught on a website. 

Am I making any sense at all?  This is a poorly written post at best.  Anyway, check out the sites I mentioned and let’s have a well-informed discussion about online dating, shall we?  Welcome to the inside of my head, blog friends!

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