Wednesday, July 20, 2011

On Favorites…

While I stood in front of my closet this morning deciding what was appropriate to wear during this heat wave I started to think a bit about favorites. 

I have a favorite outfit for each season.  This summer I seem to favor a comfy black dress with various accessories depending on how dressed I need to be on any given day.  For weekends/casual days I throw on a pair of cutoff’s that I sloppily made from old Gap jeans and a lightweight tank top.  Flip flops adorn my feet unless I need to be in dressier gladiator sandals or wedges if I’m really working it.  I have not worn a tradition heel since early May and I most likely won’t until The Wedding mid-September.  I love how summer brings out my casual laziness. 

Now Fall brings me many favorites.  It’s my favorite season in New York.  It’s still warm enough to dine al fresco.  You can get away with a cardigan and scarf.  Now, if you know me, you know I die for a good scarf.  I have amassed dozens of scarves from all over the world (thanks to my global business traveling Father) and I wear all of them.  Nothing brings me more joy than sipping a glass of wine outside wrapped in a cozy scarf…add a cute boy and it’s heaven on earth.  Fall also brings my favorite holiday (Thanksgiving) and the best day of the year (my birthday, natch). 

So this post is basically a love letter to Fall.  Don’t get me wrong, summer, you’re alright.  But, if you could just take it down a notch that would be huge.  That is all. 

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